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Restock your Fridge for Less

aldi grocery store grocery store dietitian Mar 21, 2022

With every new year comes a desire to start fresh, set new goals, and clean and organize for the year ahead. What better place to start than in your kitchen?

Prepare for a successful 2022 with ALDI where you can find high-quality, affordable, organic and better-for-you everyday products, for less. From exploring new recipes to prepping meals to restocking your kitchen for the year ahead, ALDI has a wide selection of delicious food so the whole family can embrace healthy living, all at affordable prices.

In fact, you can restock with pantry and fridge staples including quinoa, chia seeds, and fresh and frozen foods like cage-free brown eggs and meatless meatballs–all for $50. 

Here are three no-recipe recipes featuring staple kitchen foods to get you started off right:

Protein Toast



Toast bread. While bread is toasting, fry the egg. Top toast with hummus and egg, then sprinkle with chia seeds. Serve with a side of your favorite fruit.

Plant-Based Snack Plate



Remove avocado peel and pit, then add to a bowl. Mash avocado and add in salt, pepper, or any other seasonings. Add avocado to the plate for dipping. Load up your plate with handfuls of blueberries, raspberries, grapes, carrots, green pea crisps, and brown rice crisps. Feel free to add any leftover food items from your fridge!

Chipotle Burger Bowl



Cook ingredients according to package directions. Add quinoa to the bowl, then top with vegetables and a black bean burger patty. 


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This is a sponsored post created in collaboration with ALDI.

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